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At Animeland Wasabi; I had the pleasure of interviewing many guests and cosplayers. The group that stood out the most was Nylon Pink. Nylon Pink is an all female KPOP/ROCK cover band; with spunk personalities, great fashion sense and awesome vibes! i can honestly say that are definitly one of my new favorite music groups.
    During their Q&A session on Sunday afternoon Nylon Pink did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable. Starting evewrything off with fun introductions. They showed the room how much they care about each persons questions. There was a real feeling of love, not just for themselves and thier music but for their fans as well. Through out the room you could see the connections that were starting to happen adn be created. Whether it was from us asking questions like “How do you pick youmusic that you decide to cover?” to them asking us “What is your favorite anime show?”. There was even times when that would reminces about each others quarky sides or how much they love making the “Ninja Crates”, which I heard is awesome and super fun to get. There was hardly a dull moment.
    All in all, Nylon Pink is going is going to be a great music force and giant trendsetters. Either in music, fashion and yes even games. They have changed my mind on female cover bands and music celebrities. I wish them much luck and major music success.

Vonita Remington
GPS Entertainment!

Animeland Wasbai 2014

  Have you ever been one of those kids that would lose themselves in a video game or tv show! I would have to admitt I am. For whatever reason i got this idea in my head that for you to go an anime/comic convention you have to be a die hard fan for those things. Let me just bow down now and say, “I am completely and utterly wrong” and I serender to my geekyness. I haven’t felt so accepted and loved at a conventions before and its intoxacating. image When you first step into this convention, the several amount of cosplayers can be overwhelming, but the longer you stay the feeling to need to join in, starts to take over. So, of course you do what any comic con goer will do. You run back home and decide on what cosplay costume your going to wear the next day; whether its a pajama cap crusaper or an imacalte character from Legends of Zelda. Through out the days there, you are offered some of the best panels that can get you up close and personal with the guests, artists, and even professionals in the cosplay world.  The conventions also had an awesome game room and many night activites that included concerts, raves and bountiful parties for any goer.
   Overall for this being my first anime convention. Animland Wasabi 2014 had something for everyone that is a giant kid in heart. I am 100% hooked and can’t wait for Animeland Wasabi 2015.

Vonita Remington

GPS Entertainment

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